Guy Deemer

Managing Member

Guy B. Deemer is committed to serving his clients' financial interests through hard work and a common sense approach to investing.  Mr. Deemer joined started Deemer Wealth Management in 2015 after spending over 20 years working for large brokerage firms. Since associating with Fidelity Investments, Mr. Deemer has worked diligently to provide his clients with the highest level of service and support available.  Guy earned participation in many "Chairman's Council's and Presidents Club's"  over the years and looks forward to brainstorming with the other top financial advisors and management in these annual events in the future.  He offers investment planning expertise to senior level management and the Boards of Directors of many public companies. 

In addition to providing investment counseling,  Mr. Deemer has specializes in the marketing of equity and debt issues of the nation's regional and community banks and thrift institutions.  He has participated in the conversion offerings of several mutual thrifts and mutual holding companies, with a career highlight coming in the May 2005 second step conversion of Hudson City Bancorp.  Hudson City was the largest mutual conversion in history.  He also participated in the standard conversion of New Haven Savings Bank in the Spring of 2004, which represented the largest standard conversion in history.  Mr. Deemer also assisted Northwest Savings Bank in their historic incremental offering in the Fall of 2003.  Over the years he has built a wealth of knowledge in the mutual holding company and thrift sector and has helped various mutual banks raise in excess of $8 billion. 

Mr. Deemer earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh in 1993.    He was also a proud member of the United States Marine Corps until retiring as a Sergeant in 1992. 

He is married and exceedingly proud of his three young children, indisputably his greatest accomplishment in life.  When not working to provide superior service to his clients,  Mr. Deemer can be found spending time with his family.  His recreational pursuits include ice hockey, skiing and playing golf (poorly), and any other form of competition that he invariably involves himself in!

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